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Simple Yet Bold

Bogart’s Steakhouse features an American infused menu that showcases the flavors of each dish by simple preparation. With each bite you experience the dynamic and bold flavors that have been handcrafted to tantalize your senses. With a full-service bar for cocktails, an award winning wine list, and a beer selection that’s unbeatable, we prove that a bar today can do everything the legendary bars of the past could do. Under new ownership, we decided to restore the restaurant to the concept that is inspired by Hollywood legend, Humphrey Bogart, a man who was always a pro on the set, and a Hollywood renegade off it … a man’s man and a ladies’ gentleman. A man who’s been called: “The stuff that dreams are made of.” This is the standard of quality that we strive to achieve each day.


The whole world is about three drinks behind”




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